September 30th, 2014

Hot tub relaxation is an obligation

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There are few more fantastic things in the world than relaxing in the warm jets of your very own hot tub. Owning a hot tub, though, does require a certain level of commitment. It doesn’t take as much work as say, keeping a beautiful yard or garden. But it does require a lot more maintenance than owning another electrical appliance, such as, say, a refrigerator. First of all, you’ll need to choose the kind of hot tub you want. If money is not an issue, then the possibilities when it comes to size, style and add-on amenities are nearly endless. But the basic decision will be between a permanent model with a hard inner shell, or the much more portable soft models. The main difference here is weight. The portable soft models can be taken along if you ever want...
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September 23rd, 2014

Time to move up?

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When sitting at home, does it sometimes feel like the walls are closing in? Is there a little twinge of sadness every time you start the drive home from work, wishing you had somewhere else to go? Do you feel like you must have a change of scenery? Well, it’s probably not a good idea to ignore these feelings completely. Later on, they can fester in the soul like meat in a broken freezer. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Well, technically that’s a simile. But we digress. In the same way, these feelings can cause you to lose focus on what’s truly important. Maybe it’s just a case of the “grass is always greener” syndrome. Familiarity may be the main source of contempt. Make the list The prudent homeowner will write out a list of the pros and cons of moving...
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September 5th, 2014

Acing a home appraisal on the cheap

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When having a home appraised, there are ways to augment value without breaking the bank on high-cost home improvements. An appraiser is a neutral third party, so he or she goes in knowing little about the home. There’s no way to pick up a home and move it to a better neighborhood, and many of us can’t afford to pay a professional to remodel the kitchen. So say a serenity prayer, and change the things you can. A clean slate As mentioned, the appraiser has nothing against you personally, so treat the appraisal visit like a job interview for the home. Make sure it’s dressed properly and put its best foot forward. That means curb appeal. Mow the lawn and do the best you can to trim vegetation, particularly those plants that are crowding any windows. A nice view in...
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