February 20th, 2015

Baby-proofing: reason trumps ridicule

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  In order to keep your new baby safe, intense baby-proofing of your home must occur before the little bundle of joy arrives. Or so they say. New parents are always amazed, and then afraid, to learn how many different ways a baby can get hurt, and how quickly it can happen. On the other hand, a growing legion of parents have united against the baby-proofing industry on the amount of preparation required, saying it’s playing on people’s fears for profit. Baby beware By carefully creating a world of imminent baby danger, have these entrepreneurs spawned a race of super-paranoid weirdoes who think nothing of padding coffee tables and locking down toilet seat lids? Heaven help you if one of these locking mechanisms confront you at a party, and you’ve had about three beers. It’s then you’ll wonder if a baby...
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February 10th, 2015

Winter Fire Safety Begins at Home

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  Fire is a danger year-round, but many homeowners may not be aware winter is the deadliest season of all for home fires. As the holidays approach, it gets a lot colder in the northern hemisphere. Americans don’t think a whole lot about flipping on the heat or even adding a space heater to a chilly room. No one ever believes they’ll become a statistic, but every winter, thousands of U.S. families come face to face with the tragedy of a preventable home fire. It’s true. There aren’t many victims, relatively speaking. Fire fighters respond to about 1,000 fires a day across the country, nearly 400,000 in all. About three percent (12,500) of those report casualties, and only about one half of one percent (2,500) report fatalities. But that’s one half of one percent too many.   Sound the alarm...
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