Lighten up: It’s spring!

Posted by on February 28th, 2019

No matter what the groundhog’s opinion is, the calendar says spring is going to be here soon!

And the warmer weather historically means home sales are about to heat up, as well.

Studies show letting in more light and lightening your color scheme does wonders for your personal well-being.

Incorporate one or more of the following inexpensive DIY changes into your springtime routine, and you may find your house is more salable down the road, as well.

Start with the curtains. If you are sporting grandma’s triple-thick window treatments, it might be time for a change. Heavy “blackout” curtains originated in World War II-era Britain, to block the view of nighttime lights from German bomber pilots.

Even after the war was over, blackout curtains remained in vogue through the 1970s, with the added benefit of moderating temperature. When closed, they can block the sun in the summer and trap warmth inside during the winter.

But most modern homeowners – and homebuyers – have come to prefer lighter window treatment alternatives. To get the same energy-saving benefits with lighter shades, add more insulation in the attic.

Next up comes your kitchen. Choosing the right combination of lighting and color scheme can make every day seem like a morn in spring.

Use a combination of ambient, task and decorative lighting to get just the right combo of work efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Modern designs incorporate focused lighting in work areas. You can even try “swing-arm” lights that move out of the way when not in use. Inexpensive stick-on “puck lights” work great in pantries, closets and deep, dark cupboards where you need extra light.

If you’re sticking with the central ceiling light fixture, find a smoked cover or use a softer, more diffuse bulb.

With the lights in place, it’s time to consider some new colors to give it just the right look.

Bold tones look great together, providing a lively contrast to the austere minimalism of common brown woodwork.

For help on your DIY painting projects, try one of the color-selection tools available on the Internet. One of the best is, from paint-maker Sherwin Williams. It can provide some ideas to upgrade or replace worn-out looks – and it’s fun, too.

A better-looking kitchen instills well-being, and it will make loads of difference to a buyer if you ever decide to move.

Even something as simple as adding a fresh coat of white or light-colored paint helps brighten your spirits.

Spring will be here before you know it.