June 6th, 2013

Bay Equity Home Loans Introduces “Bay Direct”

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Under the Bay Direct program, Bay Equity offers financed mortgage insurance, investment properties up to 85% loan-to-value, condo projects with litigation, geodesic homes, approved leaseholds, and delayed financing options. “Bay Direct offers the broadest guidelines possible,” said Director of Corporate Operations Julie Taylor. “With the introduction of this product we are continuing to leverage our direct agency approvals.” Bay Equity is a direct seller with full agency approval by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. Other Bay Equity agency-direct products include DU Refi Plus, Open Access and LP...
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June 4th, 2013

Bay Equity Offers Expanded HARP Program to Help Struggling Homeowners Refinance

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Significantly expanded Home Affordable Refinance Program assists “underwater” homeowners with their refinancing needs. Five years ago the real estate bubble burst and the mortgage industry imploded in the largest U.S. financial melt-down since the Great Depression. In an effort to help “at-risk-homeowners” avoid foreclosure, the Federal Government intervened and created the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) in 2009. Through direct lenders like Bay Equity Home Loans, HARP has successfully helped many homeowners refinance out of high risk, sub-prime and adjustable rate loans into low fixed rate mortgages. With the recent extension of HARP through 2015, the Government expects millions more will benefit from the program. “When HARP was first introduced, it was fairly limited in its scope and excluded many homeowners,” says Tim Carroll, Sales Manager at Bay Equity Home Loans in Santa Rosa (www.refinancesantarosa.com). However, in 2012 the program...
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