July 29th, 2014

Revving your home’s personality is key to selling

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  If you’re going to sell your home, you have to sell it as a great place to live. You have to make it look like an appealing person lives there, so a potential buyer feels as if they could live an appealing life there, as well. Lucky for you, there are some easy ways to punch up your home’s personality. Follow the tips below and your house will soon be the life of the party. Color White walls work well in 1920s Spanish architecture. And mental hospitals. For everyone else, come on – inject a little color. Painting is easy. It’s cheap. And no matter what you do (or do wrong), you can always paint over it. If you’re nervous about going too deep, bold, or bright, take it slow. One room, or even a wall at a time...
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July 22nd, 2014

4 Costs New Homeowners Must Plan For

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  We all know that buying a home is a huge financial decision that requires adequate funds and thorough research. But there’s more to owning a home than just buying it. Beyond what you pay to own the home, be sure you take into account the additional costs that come with being a homeowner. Moving Moving may seem minor, but it’s a cost that often comes soon after forking over a large sum of money. Once you’ve purchased the home you want to live in, you have to get there. Whether you rent a truck and do the heavy lifting yourself or you have full-service movers take care of the hard work, there will be a cost to move all of your things from your current home into your next home. This is important to remember when you are figuring...
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July 14th, 2014

Millenial-Driven Housing Boom Coming

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The Millennials who for years have been holed-up in their childhood homes, won’t be there forever. They really do want to move out, according to a study by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, and by 2025 could form 24 million new households. Some 11 million recent graduates were living with a parent in 2012. The home ownership rate for those under age 35 was 36% in the first three months of 2014, down from a high of 43% in 2005, according to the Census. Three main factors have been holding them back, said the Harvard study: A weak job market for recent graduates. Student loans. And tight lending standards. But as the economy turns around, the obstacles have begun to fall. “When the job market recovers and their income recovers, they are going to make their mark on the...
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July 11th, 2014

Find a House to Fit All Your Needs and Wants

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To find a house is more than simply choosing a place to rest your head. The location impacts virtually every aspect of your life, from your commute to grocery shopping to leisure time. A home’s layout can promote or hinder your lifestyle, and large monthly mortgage payments can seriously dent your budget. Before jumping into a home purchase, carefully consider whether you can find a house to fit the way you live. Your Commute: Getting Around Is your potential new home well suited to getting where you need to go? Will you face frustrating gridlock on your morning commute? Do the rush-hour drive to check whether traffic flows smoothly. Daily two-hour traffic snarls – maybe even each way – can ruin your mood and your schedule. Will winter ice or spring storms make the roads hard to navigate? Research the...
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