January 22nd, 2015

Relax with the best in “reel” estate

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  Winter is typically a slow time for home sales and its related industries. So why not sit back with a cup of cocoa and enjoy a stack of the greatest real-estate movies of all time? Here’s a fully biased list of the winners for several housing-related movies across several genres. Funniest: There’s a lot of competition here, but the winner has to be the slapstick The Money Pit (1986), a sight-gag a minute movie about a young couple who get an unbelievable deal on a gigantic dream home. It just needs a “little work.” They pull out all the stops to get the money for the seemingly flawless fixer-upper. Played by Tom Hanks in one of his first, and best, roles, and Shelly Long, in one of her only movie roles, the couple get a lesson in hard-core “if it looks...
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January 20th, 2015

Spring into winter home shopping

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  So you’re waiting until spring to look for a new home? Is it because you crave manic competition with all the other buyers thinking the same thing? One of the best kept secrets in the real estate market is that there is no “best time of year” to do home shopping. It’s not like a car lot, when car dealers are looking to clear excess inventory in spring to bring in the newest models. Doesn’t really work that way with houses. Houses don’t move around, so there is no lot to fill up or empty out. Don’t try to time the market – it’s impossible. The right time to buy is when you find the best available house in your price range. Real estate is so cyclical – especially in today’s economy. Up and down, down and up. Try...
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January 13th, 2015

Picking the perfect pooch

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Picking the perfect pooch It’s often been wondered. Why do so many humans choose to spend their limited time on Earth caring for dogs, a furry but fragile being with an existence even more fleeting? The answer seems simple enough. Dogs bring us joy and companionship, warmth and unconditional love. Dogs do their best to please us and keep us smiling. They curl up with us when we’re feeling down or need some serious relaxation. Dogs don’t hold our mistakes against us, nor judge us for our looks, our faults or lack of know-how. But for all their great attributes, owning a dog is a heavy responsibility — and a possible liability. When considering a new pet, make choices that are in the best interest of you and the animal. A dog’s life It’s said that every dog has its...
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