September 28th, 2015

Time for some fall cleaning

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  With oil prices down and employment on the rise, many homeowners’ spirits are invigorated with the resolve to get some good work done before winter sets in – hopefully before Halloween. Many people swear by spring cleaning, but many experts suggest autumn spruce-ups to make the task less daunting when the spring comes. Whether sprucing up your dream home for yourself, or making the old homestead more attractive to buyers, here are a few suggestions to start some 2015 home improvement projects while you still have time to finish. A little DIY The phrase, “Do-it-yourself,” or “DIY,” makes the rounds of the Internet and the TV news magazines so often it can become tedious. But the feeling of accomplishing a home improvement, with little or no help from a professional, is truly hard to equal. Your home goes immediately...
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September 9th, 2015

War on fleas heats up

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  In the summertime and early fall, fleas step up their game in their endless assault on indoor pets. If you’re not careful, the little buggers will also take a bite out of you, or your kin. You have to fight back. Fleas cannot fly, but can leap a foot or more, about 60 times their body length. That would be like a human being jumping the length of a football field – and clearing both goalposts! This impressive jumping ability allows fleas easy entry into your home, hitching a ride on your pants leg or on your pet’s fur. Once inside your home, fleas multiply at a swift and overwhelming rate. Talk to your vet about developing an effective flea medicine or collar regimen before flea season starts. But along with medication, flea control oftentimes requires prevention. There a...
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