Bubble Trouble?

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  Home prices are gaining steam again, fueled by tight supply amid growing demand. But is it a big enough upswing to call it a pricing bubble? While home prices nationally haven’t met the peak of the 2006 housing Boom, some critics say there is a significant whiff of the same instability that caused the last market to crash. Construction companies for whatever reason are unwilling or unable to create more affordable starter homes. Foreign and cash investors, in turn, have pinched up any existing properties suitable for first-time homeowners, leaving the heart of the housing industry with either nothing they can afford, or nothing they would want. In a recent note to clients, noted analyst Mark Hanson called it an “exact replay” of the last Housing Bubble, “when unorthodox demand with unorthodox capital would pay any price it took...
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November 6th, 2015

Who’s a fan of insulation?

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  That whirring sound often heard when the house is otherwise silent, with no heat or air-conditioning turned on by anyone living inside, is probably the power ventilation fan in the attic. A building requirement when adding a new roof in many jurisdictions, the primary purpose of these fans is to cool the attic space during the summer by sucking in cool air from outside, and blowing out hot air through ridge, can, turbine or gable vents in conjunction with the soffit vents. In the winter, the fan is supposed to circulate colder, drier air through the attic, which helps prevent mold and mildew buildup, and keeps warm water from flowing off the roof, then freezing at the gutters. That isn’t cool There is no argument that the fans help circulate air. But there is the chance that cooler conditioned...
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