February 29th, 2016

Bay Equity Home Loans Originators Rank in America’s Top 1 Percent

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  Sixteen Bay Equity Loan Officers are listed by Mortgage Executive Magazine as being in the Top 1 Percent of Mortgage Originators in America for 2015. Bay Equity’s top two producers – James Pulsipher out of Grand Junction, CO and Ali Ghaziani from San Jose, CA – rank in the elite Top 200 Mortgage Originators in the United States. The other 14 joining the Top 1 Percent are George Adair II, Frank Blakeley, Ray Ferguson, Jonathan Hallstead, April Janas, Rick Jones, Curt Kravitz, Hajir Nejati, Kathryn Pedersen, Ed Quinby, Mike Rafii, Liliana Riquer, Steven Vella and Ben Zitting. Bay Equity was the #34 largest producing mortgage bank in the country in 2015, a significant leap from #48 in 2014. Bay Equity President Casey McGovern says the record-setting success stems from a commitment to share Bay Equity’s proven Best Practices with all the company’s loan officers...
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February 19th, 2016

Homeownership sets sail

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  After almost two years of steady decline left the homeownership rate at its lowest level in 48 years, it ticked up slightly to 63.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015. With the improving job market and more new construction, perhaps the homeownership rate has finally found its floor. Driven by first-time buyers, total home sales grew 7 percent in 2015 – the best year since 2007 – and a welcome contrast to the decline of 2014. First-time buyers accounted for 32 percent of 2015 sales, and loosening credit and growing equity boosted existing home sales by 14.7 percent. Many of the 9 million owners who lost homes during and after the Housing Crisis are finally starting to recover their financial footing, and are ready to buy again – albeit with a bit more caution. Home ownership among Gen-Xers (age 35 -50), among...
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February 8th, 2016

Four mortgage tenets lead to American Dream

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  Owning a home is an intrinsic part of the dream for many Americans. Most of us can’t afford to purchase a home without applying for a mortgage. Mortgages remain the primary form of lending when it comes to property transactions. The lender grants money to the borrower with good faith that the debtor will pay repay the loan with interest attached. Over a preset period of time, both the debtor and lender benefit if nothing goes awry. To ensure loan terms can be met, lenders carefully screen borrowers to determine if they are a solid credit risk. While those with the highest credit scores generally get the best rates, there are four mortgage tenets that make up the legs of the proverbial “mortgage stool.” Number one is Security In the case of mortgage lending – the property acts as collateral for the loan. If...
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February 3rd, 2016

Military (moving) maneuvers

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  One thing is a near-certainty for anyone who makes the military a career. Permanent Change of Station – or PCS – are orders to move out of your home at the drop of a hat, and relocate. For most, it’s not a move-up, but a move out, to somewhere far away and likely in a different time zone. While everyone faces many of the same challenges when moving, members of the Armed Forces are conditioned to accept certain truths associated with doing it quickly and under orders: Some stuff is bound to get broken, and not everything can be expensed. However, many of the following tips can be used to great effect by anyone! You don’t have to be military to move with military precision! House on a diet Don’t keep packing and unpacking the same items every time you...
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