Homeownership’s value overrides divisiveness

Posted by on November 27th, 2017

With some pretty big issues on the table for Congress in 2018, America may seem more politically divided than ever these days.

But one shared value stretches across the nation—homeownership.

There may be difference of opinion on things like healthcare, immigration and tax reform, but a strong majority of Americans agree home ownership is a financially sound decision –  an instrument for gaining long-term wealth while raising a family and making ties within the community.

According to real estate website Zillow, 68.7 percent of Republicans and 65.1 percent of Democrats see homeownership as a crucial part of living the American Dream.

Homeownership builds equity over time, providing financial security for families and individuals. With stable monthly payments, it’s easier for cash-conscious consumers to plan and budget.

Potential tax savings can also offset homeownership costs.

But the real “value” comes in the pride of ownership. There’s no feeling like the feeling of having a place of your own. Being an active part of repairing and maintaining something bigger than yourself instills a sense of pride and true accomplishment.

Whether tightening a screw, replacing the roof – even cleaning the lint trap – you’ll find “I did that” are three of the most beautiful words in the English language.

This feeling can extend to the whole neighborhood. Studies show home ownership breeds better communities.

Homeowners are more likely to support local businesses and get involved in local events and causes.

Economically vibrant and socially active communities naturally attract more homeowners, and improve property values for everyone.